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How to Make A Kick-A$$ Listener-Funded Podcast

John Dolan (aka The War Nerd) turned his wildly popular writing into one of the most successful podcasts on Patreon. Here's how he did it.

Despite zero podcast experience, John Dolan launched his Radio War Nerd podcast (co-hosted by Mark Ames) to bring his writing to a whole new audience. Today the show has thousands of “patrons”, paying up to $200 a month.

And he achieved all of this without spending a dime on marketing or compromising his unique voice.

In this free webinar, John is joined by his former NSFWCORP editor, Paul Bradley Carr, to talk about how he became an accidental podcast superstar, and how others can learn from his success.

You'll learn

  • - How John and Mark build their podcast from scratch
  • - How to grow your audience, authentically and sustainably
  • - How to stay true to your roots (and core audience) as you grow
  • - What makes for a great podcast / planning each episode
  • - How to cope when things aren't going well
  • - Why there has never been a better time to start your own listener-supported podcast

(Plus a few stories about John and Paul’s time building NSFWCORP in the desert)

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the instructors

Paul Bradley Carr


The author of more than a dozen books, with 20+ years of experience, Paul is best known for his three memoirs, The Upgrade, Bringing Nothing To The Party, and Sober Is My New Drunk. His first novel, 1414º, was published in 2021.

Throughout his career, he has written books for two of the "Big Five" publishers and several independent publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. He has also self-published two books and co-founded the publishing house, The Friday Project (acquired by Harper Collins), and multimedia publishing company, NSFWCORP. 

When not writing and publishing books, Paul was media and technology columnist for the Guardian, editor of Pando, and a senior editor at TechCrunch.